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We connect telecable's technology, skills and innovative community to start-ups.

What is involved?

All new companies need help at the outset. telecable wants to do its bit to make sure there are more and more innovative companies. We do not require capital or an economic return. It is a commitment.

StartUps telecable is the programme that connects telecable's technology, skills and innovative community to start-ups, accelerators, customers and productive sectors.

Our aim is to support 100 start-ups during this first edition of the programme.


In order to take part in this programme, your start-up must be incorporated as a company and be based in Asturias. It must have been up and running for at least 5 years and your project must have completed or been selected for one of the incubator or acceleration programmes of the entities or schemes that work with telecable.

We will rate the strategic fit, degree of maturity and potential of each proposal.

Which are the StartUps telecable target companies?

The StartUps telecable scheme mainly targets technology start-ups in strategic areas for telecable.

Technology start-ups in general and innovative start-ups with a global scope.

Our strategic areas

  • Internet of Things

  • Artifical Intelligence

  • Wifi and 5G

  • Cyber security

  • New types of contents

We will rate the strategic fit, degree of maturity and potential of each proposal.

Benefits for the Startups

telecable will provide the following pro-bono services to the selected start-ups:

All the benefits
  • Telecommunications Services

  • Advanced Datacenter services

  • Equipment for developments

Purchase studiestelecable studying the viability of purchasing products and services

Training and workshps,contact with the technological leaders within telecable

Networkingwith the network of partners and visibility at telecable events and media

AdvertisingSponsored and joint advertising


The following start-ups have already taken part or are currently doing so.

All the StartUps

"Betterplace is a geolocated data analysis company with a flexible technology that helps businesses from different industries save time and money."

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"We develop WEB CAD 3D GIS software for construction, and civil / industrial engineering world. We offer tools similar to professional desktop CAD / GIS / 3D using a simple WEB page, whitout install requirements and in a cloud-data environment. In a simple-single place."

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Cuicui Studios

"Cuicui Studios is an startup dedicated to development of video games and brain training apps."

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"DyMap solution for asset management and maintenance. Subscription, payment for service, or purchase of licenses. The first allows us to offer very competitive prices."

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"With Onirix you can create awesome augmented reality experiences in a simple and fast way."

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"Application where any business can serve its customers and sell online by means of a chat, typing as they do with their families and friends."

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"SingularPrice, monitoring of prices, stocks and competitors in the market. SaaS tool for pricing intelligence and competitive surveillance."

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"We are a transdisciplinary company enabling technologies 4.0 , the main two areas for whom be provide technologies: One is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and the other one is automatic learning algorithms (classification, prediction and automatization). We apply technology 4.0 for different areas like industry, tourism, cultural patrimony and biomedicine."

Ir a

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Please include the most important information on the project, as well as on the companies involved. Short presentation describing the idea, product or service, problems being solved, market, financial data, business model and team.

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The company responsible for processing the personal data facilitated in this form is telecable, which shall process them to handle your request for the company you represent to participate in the  StartUps telecable programme, based on legitimate interests or, should you be an individual or self-employed, based on the contractual relationship binding us. We will not convey your personal data to third parties and will only share them with the telecable services providers obliged to access them in order to render us services. You have the right to access, rectify and delete your data, as well as other rights as explained in the additional information on privacy figuring in the Privacy Section of the Terms for Participation in the Programme.

Please use the following email if you have a query.

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